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  • Thursday at 17:53
    Please show your support people. Access issues affect EVERYONE! Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen and Delaware Brethren of the Coast need your support.
    We read an article yesterday about beach access, actively engaged in surf fishing and a quota system. We find it funny that it is not "what you know, it is who you know". So with that we are going to rant a bit.

    Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen (DMS) has been here protecting your beach access rights since 1958, but was not asked to comment on the article. Instead others not from the area seem to be "all knowing" about the problem, but offer no solutions. DMS meets with our legislators every year and we offer solutions. Actually, DMS helps the enforcement officers in keeping "faux fishermen" of the beaches by way of helping them during "safety checks". If you are not helping solve these issues you are actually part of the problem.

    Delaware Brethren of the Coast who is not affiliated with DMS but supports DMS 1000% also is part of the solution by educating the public on issues like this with pertinent and educational information. DBOC is supported by almost every bait and tackle shop in the area. A lot of business owners are a part of DBOC and they are proud to be part of a "solution" to issues like this.

    Personally, Morty Morton has been involved for DECADES protecting beach access form Mass. to N. Carolina. He has met a lot of great people while doing this and there is a trend that the public does not see. We have seen it, most of you here have experienced it in the way of what has been transpiring in the OBX, Assateague and Chincoteague. So with that, here we go. We would like to retort to some quotes from the article and we will quote.........

    A little history will help understand what we are about to say. DMS is the largest and oldest organization of its kind fighting for your beach access PERIOD since 1958. DBOC was formed by like minded organizations, people and businesses who are backing DMS in their fight for your access rights. Some people see what these folks are doing and are riding "coat tails". Don't get us wrong, we are sure DMS and DBOC are happy this is going public and think that "imitating them is the sincerest form of flattery" there is, but as we have "faux fishermen, we also have faux supporters" of beach access and are doing this for personal gain. DMS and DBOC are here to protect your beach access rights PERIOD.

    With a "lack of respect" for what DMS has done for angler rights since 1958 and excluded them from commenting about the issue is wrong. Like we said, its not what you know, its who you know and this is getting old. Personally, we have no problem with anyone who fights for access rights, but respect what has been done before you came along. If DMS and DBOC had not done what we have been doing, you would not have a beach to fight over.

    The article..... Rick King "It has gotten bigger over the years, because "everyone and their grandmother has a 4 wheel drive" .." but I don't fish on the weekends".. "issues arise during holiday weekends". Once again, this is wrong. Just this weekend Cape Henlopen was 2 and 3 deep. Educate yourself before commenting on an article. There are not many weekends that our beaches are not "packed".

    We have the upmost respect for our Military personnel emergency responders (fire fighters, EMT's, ladies aux, military and National Guard) and we think giving them a "free beach tag" is a drop in the bucket to what they really deserve. Why do we say that? Because Morty Morton and others have been emergency responder for MANY years. Our legislators offered this to them because it was an election year. We still buy our tags happily to support Delaware. The free tags just made the problem worse and now they gave free tags and there is no room, we have to have a "quota system". Typical isn't it? Give it to them free, but you may not be able to access the beach and use the tag because we are full up. LOL Really?

    McBride said "finding a balance of competing desires to use our beaches". Mr. McBride, we certainly hope that DMS will be included in the "interested parties" during your discussions. Unlike the Delaware Bayshore Initiative that DMS was excluded from and Audubon and Sierra Club were MAJOR players in. By the way, Cape Henlopen beaches was included in the Delaware Bayshore Initiative. Yeah, DMS and DBOC was there for the anglers to beat that back, but no one knows about that. We are wondering where the "free tags" will stop? This is a barrel of monkeys that legislators opened up and the surf fishermen are about to pay for it. NOT GOOD folks. We need to make our legislators responsible for their decisions OR We The People need to start being part of the decision making process and not be excluded. DMS and DBOC gives you a voice. We would suggest joining DMS today. DBOC, you cannot join. It is a We The People's" page on face book. We suggest you visit both pages, like the pages and share it. Send your friends and family to these pages so we can educate EVERYONE properly and give the history of why we are seeing this. These folks are part of the solution unlike others who are just part of the problem.

    For over 40 years DNREC and parks and recreation has done a fine job separating the "user groups" and if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. In the article it mentioned minutes from 1968 about access issues and we almost guarantee DMS was there for you then protecting your access rights and we are still here fighting.

    Enforcement... DMS has asked our legislators year after year for more enforcement officers, but refuse to spend the money. We have an idea, stop using our enforcement officers as "traffic cops" who direct traffic and have them actually enforce the laws. We have heard "we don't want to kick people off the beaches because we will loose revenue". Really??? We would suggest hiring more officers and enforce the laws that exists and stop trying to fix a problem that our legislators created. Yes, we know they are reading this and they are the ones that called Morty Morton a "Pitbull". If that's what it takes to protect our beach access, so be it. It is only a name and he is proud to be labled as such. We know the enforcement guys personally and we tell them we do not envy their jobs at all. Until we get Delaware legislators to hire more officers and actually have them do their jobs this trend will continue until the anglers are no longer welcome on the beaches.

    Our rant is over for now. Two things we want everyone to remember. One never forget and let us respect what has been done before you that allows you to access the beach as you do today and support DMS and DBOC. Two, visit the DMS and DBOC pages on face book, read the information put there for you and educate yourselves, like the pages and share it with EVERYONE you can. Nothing is worse than misinformation or not being informed at all.
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