License Info

Delaware fishing licence information

Delaware fishing licences cover both fresh and salt water.  Children under the age of 16 and DELAWARE RESIDENTS age 65 and older are exempt from the fishing licence requirements.  Please note that residents over the age of 65 are required to obtain a free F.I.N number by calling 800-432-9228 or by visiting

License cost

  • Delaware resident license $11
  • Non-Resident license $22.50
  • Resident Boat Fishing Licence (20′ Vessel or Below) $42.50 (Includes complimentary state fishing license for owner of boat)
  • Resident Boat Fishing License (Vessels above 20′) $52.50  (Includes complimentary state fishing license for owner of boat)
  • Non-Resident Boat fishing license (20′ Vessel or Below) $42.50
  • Non-Resident Boat Fishing License (Vessels above 20′) $52.50
  • 7 Day Non-Resident fishing license $15
  • Resident Trout Stamp (Age 16-64) $5.20
  • Youth Trout Stamp (Ages 12-15) $3.10
  • Non-Resident Trout Stamp (Ages 12 & Over) $7.20

Reminder! Everyone fishing under a boat fishing license must obtain a Delaware F.I.N number.  F.I.N numbers are free and may be obtained by calling 800-432-9228 or visiting

If you have lost or misplaced your Delaware fishing license you may print a replacement licence by clicking HERE

Purchase your license online HERE  

Fishing licenses as well as trout stamps are available to purchase here at Rick’s Bait & Tackle.  We can also help you answer any questions you have about Delawares fishing license requirements.