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Hi Folks,

The striper activity in the Indian River Inlet has certainly

slowed but has not stopped. Some nice fish are still being taken

on the end of incoming tide. Live eels, bucktails with white worms,

Storm or Tsunami Lures are still doing the trick. There are not as

many big fish and more small fish. Bluefish and shad are also

providing plenty of angling entertainment. In the Back Bays the

flounder fishing has surely slowed in numbers and size. Lack of

cooperation could be due to tons of boat traffic or maybe just a

normal lull on their part. I am sure the flounder fishing will pick up

and give us plenty of action.

Seabass fishing has not been as good as I thought it would

be after the season re-opened. Some nice fish are being taken on

Site #11 and all other structure but not in the numbers I would have

Thought it would be. Took a trip with Capt. Brent Wiest and Mate Dave

on the “KATYDID” and Capt. Brent put us on his spots where we had a

real good day of fishing. We did not limit out but that is fine, we all caught

enough fish and had a fine day of fishing with a group of good guys. The

Capt. and Mate worked real hard, we caught fish, had a safe trip, and had

Fun. Isn’t that what it should be about? I think so.

On the surf there are some kingfish, blues, stripers, and flounder

being taken. Joe Czarnota used squid to take a 32-inch striper while

fishing near the old rescue station.

According to Bruce at Capt. Mac’s High Performance Tackle on

RT #54 in Fenwick there is a mixed bag coming from the surf. Stripers,

black drum, and blues, along with plenty of sharks and skates have been

keeping anglers busy. Clams seem to be the hot bait and Bruce has had

stripers to 36 inches brought into the shop. Bait soakers have also been

scoring stripers from the RT #50 Bridge. The Back Bays are holding

flounder and one to four pound blues. The offshore tuna bite is starting

to pick up with yellowfin and bluefin tuna taken on the troll. Two makos

were brought in from the Fingers and one thresher was hauled in.

Capt. Bill at Bill’s Sport Shop on RT #1 in Lewes tells us the

following anglers have reported striper catches. Greg Wagner, Marie, Cris, and friend Kyle from Lewes used white worms and white bucktails at IRI. Rich Harper from Lewes used Tsunami eel for a limit up to 34″ at IRI. Gus Nikolaou from Rehoboth Beach used a saltwater fly for a limit up to 40″ at IRI. Aaron Brommer of Rehoboth Beach took a 22.35 pounder on a bucktail and white worm at IRI. Jeremy Keller, age 14 of Milton took a 36″ striper on Storm Lure, while Dominic Coviello of Lewes took a 44” striper on a Storm Lure at IRI. Brian Elliott of Lewes scored a 16.5-pound striper on a rigged eel at IRI. Philip Franklin of Middletown scored a 33-inch striper using a Storm lure at IRI. James Harrigan of Lancaster scored a 37 incher on a bucktail at IRI. Tim Gola took his limit up to 32″ on clams from the beach at 3 R’s Road. Brian Kelly of Reading scored a 23.85 pounder soaking bunker at Gordon’s Pond. Mickey Bremer of Dewey Beach fooled a 27.65 pounder using fresh bunker at Cape Henlopen. Merrill Pusey of Lewes nabbed a 35.15-pound striper using a Storm lure at IRI. David Souders of Harrington scored a limit up to 39 inches using white bucktail white worm at IRI. Kent Brittingham of Lewes took a 40 incher using a Storm Lure at IRI. Grant Gano, age 12, of Frankford, De. nailed a 64.40-pound drum while fishing with clams in the De Bay. Keith Irwin took his daughter Riley (7 years old) to the Pier and caught 7 flounder with 1 being a keeper. Riley caught her first fish ever and is now hooked for life! Randy fished Henlopen Pier and caught 6 flounder, all under 18″ on Gulp with shiner tip. Saw a 26 ” monster flounder caught.  Fished the Pier from 5-13 thru 5-16 and caught 22 flatties with one 19″ keeper.  Bobby Salvatore from the Cape Henelopen Fishing Pier called to say that Jeff Bowers caught a 25 1/2″, 6.4# flounder on a minnow.  That was the biggest of the day. They are also catching keepers on white and chartreuse Gulp as well. Bill Feick of PA and Chris Funke of DE caught an 18.85 pound, 33″ and a 9.40 pound, 26″ black drum, and a .6 pound, 11″ kingfish at the coral beds on fresh clams. Mike Bream stopped in and said the party boats came from sea bassing and they were averaging 6-8 keepers per head on opening day. Tom Bailor, Jeff Bailor & John Mutz caught two  bushels of crabs on a trout line in the Indian River in 2 1/2 hrs on a trot line using chicken necks, crabbing was excellent. Tony Burr (boat owner), Jon Kitchen, Dave Woods, and Daryl Barthelmess did an overnighter at the Carteret (also fished Lindenkohl and Spencer) on Saturday. They released 3-YFT and a blue shark.  They also boated 2-wahoo and 2-mahi on Sunday. Capt Les Clemmer, “Martha Marie Charters” went drum fishing and his wife Marty and caught a 71.5 pound drum, Patrick Morini took a 57 ponder and  Mike Johnson got a 58.5 pounder and Ronny got a 43 pounder. Jamar Myers and a friend went out with Capt Chuck Cook on the “First Light Charters” and caught their limit of stripers up to 45″ and also tagged and released another large striper.

The current standings in Bill’s Flounder Tournament are Scott Bucka with a 4.10 pounder, Oak Thompson with a 3.50 pounder, Mike Bott at 3.24 pounds, Nikki Rice at 4.33 pounds, and Aaron Strasbaugh at 3.33 pounds. Good Luck to all.

At Hookem’ and Cookem’ Bait and Tackle in North Shore Marina

Deanna,(Mrs. Bert) reports that while the rockfish bite has slowed it has not disappeared. Anglers are still finding some off of the rocks as well as from boats. Keep in mind now that they are on the smaller size and there are few of them, but don’t give up fishing for the striper. They are still using the same tackle to catch these fish, such as, Storm or Tsunami Lures, white bucktails with white worms, live eels or live bunker or herring. With less of the “SLOB” stripers in the inlet it has made way for the blue fish to start showing up. Most of these fish are on the 2-5lb size, also caught using bucktails. But Hopkins or Kastmaster Lures work too. Remember to use some steel leader on those rigs, blue fish have some sharp teeth and this will save you some time and frustration while fishing for them.
Flounder seem to have slowed down a little bit. You will still find some being caught in the Indian River Bay and around by the VFW Slough. You will have to work for them using minnows and squid, herring or Gulp baits.
The surf seems to be a slow pick with some striper still being caught. Tom Weiss brought us a nice 28.4lber that was caught with fresh bunker on a fish finder rig, and there are some small spot and kingfish also being reported to us.
With the return of black sea bass season the boats headed out on Sunday to get on the wrecks and catch some fish. The head boat Judy V. went on a full day trip. There were quite a few fish caught with many keepers and some throwbacks as well. Our own Chris Adams caught 6.5lbs of sea bass along with a 7lb pollock. Others went home with anywhere from 5-10 fish per person. Karen Sue and Miss Ene III brought back bass and some cod too. Now that the sea bass have shown up there are some guys trying their hand at shark fishing. Jimmy Bunting and David Long caught a 135lb Thresher shark while out at B-Buoy using our fresh bunker chum.
There have been some off shore trips that have ventured out to the canyons and been successful. Last Sunday Scott Stapleford and Jimmy Hughes went to the Baltimore Canyon and came back with a 52.9lb blue fin tuna. This fish was caught using ballyhoo. A 75.2lb blue fin was caught by the crew of the Reel Life. Joseph Cangianelli, Kevin Hood and Marcus Hammer were on the 100-fathom line half way between the Poor Man’s and the Washington Canyon. They fished a blue and white Ilander with ballyhoo. Then the “Liquid Handler” went all the way to the Lindenkohl to bring back the first wahoo and a 17.8lb mahi of the season. They were also caught on Ballyhoo with sea witches. Thursday night Phil and Evan Falgowski brought in the first yellow fin of the season. They were fishing with Mark Stephens and Charlie Horning out at the Wilmington Canyon and caught these 35 and 37lb tunas using skirted ballyhoo. Seems like things are starting to pick up and the fish are starting to come in from all areas of fishing. So come in and get your bait and tackle and get out there this weekend and enjoy yourself.

Joe Morris at Lewes Harbour Marina said sea bass action was pretty good since the season opener last weekend. Most crews concentrated on the rubble of reef site 11, but bass also came from numerous wrecks in 80 to 120 foot depths. Anglers had to weed through lots of short fish, but usually ended up with decent numbers of keepers. Some sizeable knotheads were checked in. The most impressive was a 5.62 pounder landed by Hobby Isaacs. James Rodek reeled in a 3.8 pounder. Captain Brent’s bassers aboard Katy Did enjoyed fine fishing, returning with a boat limit Sunday, and good catches throughout the week. Among the bass were several nice cod, and it’s great to see them making such a comeback. Captain Chris on the Skipjack hosted “The Fishin’ Bitches” for a real nice box of bass and cod Sunday. Sea bass should spread out onto open bottom between DB and DA Buoys and the Old Grounds soon. No word of an Ocean or Bay flounder bite yet, but plenty of flatties continued to come from Lewes Canal and shallow water near Lewes Beach and around the Cape Henlopen Pier. Minnows, shiners and Gulp! artificials were the most productive offerings. The Coral Beds off Slaughter Beach gave up black drum during the week. Kili Gomez got a 67.8-pound boomer on the Joint Venture. Matt Bailey boated a 66.7 pounder. Bill Grieser decked a 61-pound drum aboard Martha Marie. Surf fishermen along Broadkill Beach had smaller drum in the 15 to 35 pound range, along with some stripers and the first few croakers. Stripers were also caught by anglers using cut bunker at Roosevelt Inlet. Ocean trollers told of bluefish on traditional structure. Lex Robertson fished outside Delaware Light with Doc Peoples on the Spectacle, and put several slammers in the box near the Twelve Fathom Lump. Big blues were also found at the Jackspot, Massey’s Canyon, the Hambone and throughout The Fingers. Bluefin tuna and a few yellowfins were hooked by boats trolling temperature changes in 50 to 100 fathoms between the Baltimore and Poor Man’s Canyons. Jon Kitchen, Tony Burr, Dave Woods and Daryl Barthelmess traveled to the Lindenkohl and Spencer Canyons for three yellowfin tuna, two nice dolphin, and surprisingly, the first two wahoo of the season.

‘Til next week, have fun and be safe !

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