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June 5th, 2011 by admin

It’s Fishing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks,

The fishing continues to a bit on the slow side with most

anglers reporting mostly small fish being caught. Flounder action

in the Rehoboth and Indian River Bays has been most productive

on the outgoing tide. The usual baits such as minnow and squid

combo, frozen shiners, smelt, and for sure good ‘ole GULP!. A few

blues are being taken, especially in the Indian River Inlet on the

incoming tide. If you see the birds working you can be pretty sure

the blues are roaming underneath. Just throw any cut bait or a

shiny lure and you should score. These guys make for lots of fun

on light tackle. They also provide some pretty good table fare.

Doug Druusshel scored a 3 pound 6 oz. flattie to get on

The scoreboard in the Bay City Flounder Tournament. In the

Pots Nets Flounder Tournament we have Sharyn Felix at 3 pounds,

Woody Jackson at 3 pounds 8 oz, Patricia Kleine at 2 pounds 3oz,

And Pete Kleine at 2 pounds 10 oz. Mike Conti took Jonathon Gyger to Rehoboth Bay to score a 22 inch flattie. Don’t forget to sign up for the

Rick’s Bait and Tackle / SeaSide Gas and Grill Flounder Tournament.

You must be entered by 8 AM June 18.

Sea Bass fishing has not been as good as I thought it would

be. Anglers are scoring some fish on Site # 11 the areas of rubble

between DB Buoy and DA Buoy. Salted clam seems to be the best

choice for bait. Offshore action has been pretty fair with reports of

yellowfin and bluefin tuna for those trolling the canyons. John Radliff

and Donnie Culver scored aboard John’s boat “No Worries”. Capt. Cory Waddington and Dad Gil took “Another Bill” to the Baltimore Canyon to troll up 4 yellowfin, 1 bluefin and 2 dolphin. The big yellowfin was boated by Ray Koshinskie. Ray scored a citation for the 83 pounder. Don’t

forget to tell a friend that June 11th & 12th is free fishing days in the

state of Delaware. You will still need to obtain a FIN number!

Capt. Bill Baker of Bill’s Sport Shop on RT #1 in Lewes says this is a crazy year…BFT, YFT, Sea Bass, Mako, Thresher, Flounder, Striper, Croaker, Spot and Cod! Yes, Cod are still being caught and the spot have shown up. Bobby told me that anglers are walking off the pier with buckets up to 5 dozen Spot at a time! And on the same day, a local Capt came back with 50 Sea Bass and 10 Cod. Also Croaker have been spotted in the De. Bay. Steve Sleightholn chartered the “Martha Marie” catching 5 black drum using clams with Bill Grieser decking the largest at 61 LBS in the De Bay. Kyle Johnson of Dover picked  2 stripers, 34 and 32″  at the IRI  on Storm Lures. John Winterbottom of DE, reported catching two thresher sharks 3′ and 3.5′ on fresh bunker at the Navy Crossing, Cape Henlopen State Park. Johnathan Davis and John Laramore were fishing off Slaughter Beach yesterday and hooked up and released 9 tiger sharks with 5 being over 5′.  They also lost a combo to a large shark. It was last seen skimming across the water. Kyla McIlvaine brought in her first blue fin tuna caught at the Hot Dog.  The 19.45#, 32 1/4″ fish went for a green machine spreader bar. Boat and gaff were by Chris Wagner of Lewes.

Jim Jones went to the Washington this past weekend and caught 15 to 20 small YFT and 1 BFT. Kept 1 YFT at 30# and the BFT was 32″. Loren Kline of Newark caught a 75.40#, 49″ black drum at the Coral Beds on clams. Kevin Manley fished IRI using Gulp! And caught a 22″ flounder.
Capt. Steve Reitz caught a Tournament Flounder at 4.45# and 22″ aboard the “Tequilla at Sunrise” to take over 2nd place. Michael Davidson aboard the “G-Force” boated 6 YFT, 2 BFT and released 2 mako in the Washington Canyon. Bill Rawlings of Laurel caught  2 flounder at 4.9 l#,  23.5″ and  4.35#,  23″ to take 1st and 3rd place in our Flounder Tournament Capt. Dave Russell of “Miss Shyanne” stopped in to tell us that drum fishing at night has been hot, and still has open dates for this week. The top three in Bill’s Flounder Tournament are Bill Rawlings 4.90 lb 23.5″, Steve Reitz 4.45 lb 22 inches, and Bill Rawlings 4.35 lb 23″.

At Capt. Mac’s on RT # 54 in Fenwick reports heated offshore

action in the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons. Most action has taken

place east of 45 fathoms. Yellowfin, Bluefin, and a few Bigeyes are giving

anglers a workout. Chunking has produced some fish around the Hot Dog

and the Sausages. Shark fishing is producing lots of different species of

sharks but many big fish.

In the back bays there have been lots of short flounder and small

Blues. RT 50 Bridge is giving up some keeper stripers and flounder. Surf

fishermen are picking up some stripers and kingfish. The fishing has been a bit slow overall.

Joe Morris at Lewes Harbour Marina said a big shark caused a buzz around the dock this week. Captain Ted Moulinier and the crew of the Pirate King II celebrated Memorial Day with some sharking, and returned with a 487-pound Thresher. The large longtail struck a mackerel northwest of DB Buoy, and after the battle, was too heavy to get over the gunwale, so it was towed home. Among the group of sharkers sharing in the excitement were Captain Brian Wazlavek, Captain Chris Ragni, Alex Capozio, Maggie Capozio, Gia Capozio, Izzy Capozio, Tara Gimian, Brandy Reh Kamp, Beau Fibelkorn and Toni Tipton. The tuna bite was good Saturday. It was encouraging to see numerous yellowfins inshore of the Canyons, and hopefully the pattern will continue. Wes Olson, Shane Olson, Jeff Green and Mike Green trolled Green Machines and spreader bars a few miles shy of the Wilmington’s West Wall for three yellowfins to 36 pounds. Captain Tom Cornell’s crew aboard High Hook had 8 nice yellowfins in 40 fathoms between the Baltimore and Wilmington. They finished the day with an 88-pound bluefin that George Durant decked near Massey’s Canyon. Jim Short and the boys on Knot Right put four 40-pound yellowfins in the box. Angelo Delapo’s anglers on Spoiled III trolled up 5 keeper yellowfins and their one allowable bluefin. Jimmy Reed, Mike Cannon and crew worked the West Wall of the Baltimore to ice 8 yellowfins. All of the trollers reported numerous short tuna, plus plenty of skipjacks and some false albacore on both ballyhoo and a variety of artificials. Offshore bottom fishing was good. Bill Swords and his buddies brought back 16 golden tiles to 35 pounds plus a bunch of sea bass and ling caught while deep dropping in the Baltimore Canyon. Inshore sea bass action was fair at Reef Site 11. Anchoring seemed more productive than drifting. Bassers had to weed through many short ones to end up with a catch of fish above the 12-½ inch minimum. However, some nice bass were boated, like Chuck Coverdale’s 3.59 pounder caught on the Angler. Back in Delaware Bay, black drum continued to come from the Coral Beds, but the run will likely wind down soon. A couple big boomers checked in recently included Phil Spare’s 72.1 pounder on the Joint Venture, and a 68.6 pounder landed by Ogden Lester aboard Miss Kirstin. John Strong released a 48-inch drum. Jordan Stradling landed her first black drum, weighing 34 pounds, on Saturday night. Stripers were taken around the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers by casting plugs, bucktails and soft plastics in the evening and early morning hours. David Biles checked in a 30-inch linesider he tempted with a Rapala Saturday morning. Flounder are beginning to bite around Bay Reef Sites. Flukers on the Lil’ Angler had 3 keepers out of 13 caught at Site 6 Saturday. Captain Chet Harer showed ‘em how it’s done by pulling in a 5.19 pounder himself. The Lewes Canal is still yielding good numbers of flatties. The largest so far was an 8.1-pound doormat that Thurman Stanley scored using a Gulp! right in front of Lewes Harbour Marina. Ethan Boyle fooled his 3.46-pound flatfish with a Gulp! as well.

At Hookem’ and Cookem’ Bait and Tackle in North Shore Marina,

Deanna AKA ( Mrs. Bert ) passed along the following information. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Week-end and took a some time to honor our fallen heroes and thank those service men and women that protect and service this great country! On to the fishing report for this past week. What a hot week it was temperature as well as fishing.
Monday started out pretty slow but ended with a 487.6lb Thresher shark being caught out at the Old Grounds. Angler Brian Wazlavek, of Milton, DE, caught this big shark fishing with a mackerel fillet while he was fishing on the Pirate King out of Lewes, DE with Capt. Ted Moulinier. Capt Ted originally took the shark to Joe’s scale at Lewes Harbour Marina but had to bring it to us when the shark broke Joe’s scale. The large blue fish are starting to make an appearance out at the 12 Fathom Lump. Doc Peoples from the “Spectacle” took the gang out for a day of trolling and brought back 20 blues all averaging around 10-13lbs. Tuna also came in on Monday from the boys off of “Boy’s Toy” They had a catch of 7 yellows. They were also trolling ballyhoo. “Capt Ike II”, Captained by Dave Collins, and the “Dana Lynn” Captained by Bob Smallwood, both had a trips yesterday and went trolling for blues as well. They had a very successful trip with Capt Ike bringing in 177lbs and the Dana Lynn bringing in 230lbs of blue fish. Through the week it was pretty slow, but then the yellow fin tuna started returning to hit the docks here at Hook ‘em & Cook ‘em on Saturday. We saw Tony Burr, of Newark, DE and his gang bring in yellows on Friday and Saturday. They were fishing out at the Wilmington trolling ballyhoo.
The Spectacle went out a little further on their trip for tuna. They came back with a nice catch of tuna and some mahi as well. These fish were caught on a family trip for the Kovatch’s of Dagsboro, DE. John Coleman, a former Hook ‘em & Cook ‘em employee, went out to the Wilmington Canyon and brought back some yellows with their biggest weighing in at 63lbs. One blue fin made it to the docks weighing in at 40lbs. It was caught out at the Chicken Bone and was brought to us from the “Black Widow” Captained by Cutter Paye. The inshore bite for sea bass was pretty good for the Karen Sue this weekend. Capt John Nedelka took a full day trip on Saturday. He ran out to the Washingtonian and came back with a nice catch. Nate Walker caught a 4.8lb sea bass when he was fishing out at Site 11 with Capt. David Kincaid on the Ambush.
The head boat Judy V. has been making trips out to the inshore sites as well. The bite has been somewhat slow but there have been keepers taken home by some and throw backs for others. The Wheeler family from Wilmington, had a great trip even though they might not have gotten a lot they had a ball. Jimmy, from Hockessin, DE took home 8 keepers, but also had lots of throwbacks. As the days get warmer we are looking forward to seeing more keepers come to the area along with flounder too.
Speaking of flounder…the boat Horizon did get some keepers drifting out at the Old Grounds and Site 11. They caught 6 keepers. Flounder are finally showing up in the Indian River Inlet in bigger numbers. Many people are reporting they are catching a lot of undersize fish, but are finding more keepers than last year at this time.
The inlet is also still popping out some keeper rockfish. Frank Hunters caught a 12lber on a chanteuse Storm lure, while Bill Winkler took his sons fishing on two separate days and caught 5 rockfish weighing in at 23, 18, 18, 11 and 9lbs.
Bill uses live Hickory shad for his bait. Blue fish are also coming to the fish-cleaning table from the inlet. They are still on the snapper size, but there have been some nice ones as well…like an 3.8lb blue and a 10lb rock fish that were caught by a grand mother and grand daughter team. With only a few small king fish, blue fish and a blow fish now and then the surf remains the best place to catch a nap and a tan.
Okay, that is a wrap for this past week, hope to see you back next week.
‘Til next week, have Fun and Be Safe !!!!!!!

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