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Hi Folks,

The striper fishing in the Indian River Inlet has been just

unbelievable. Most of the fish taken have been really big fish and

everyone is getting hooked up. Anglers fishing from boats have

done best fishing the last two hours of incoming tide at night. The

top baits have been live eel, live shad, bucktail with white worm, or

putting a Storm Shad down deep. The jetty jockeys have done well

using Storm Shads, bucktails, or longlining flies. It has been something

I can’t remember ever seeing. Fish ranging in weight from 20 to 40 pounds

have been the norm.

Chip Illian fished from the rails at the inlet to put two stripers of 17

and 24 pounds. Steve Warren bounced a bucktail to trick his 28 pound-3 oz

striper. Twelve-year-old Brock Kauffman of Blue Ball, Pa. fished a live eel to

score his 22 pound 4 oz striper. That was Brock’s first striper and that is quite

the way to break the ice. Donnie Culver and John Quesenberry fished with

Capt. Steve Pinkston to score stripers of 16 pound-7oz and 24 pound-13 oz.

A big thank you to Capt. Mike Lombardi for a night in the Inlet so I could score

a hefty linesider using live eel. Gil Waddington took a 30Lb 12 oz striper while

aboard “Another Bill” with Capt. Cory Waddington at the helm. Allen Rogers

fished the inlet to score his 35Lb 11oz striper. Bill Davidson soaked an eel in

the Inlet to fool a 30 lb 14oz striper. Kenny Gregg fished on “Rockfish” with Capt.

Joe Hughes to boat his 31-pound striper.

Flounder fishing continues to be fair to good in the Back Bays. With all

the attention being given to the striper blitz, the flounder have been ignored a

bit this past week. Rich Miller took advantage of the situation and used cut herring to boat three flounder of 18, 21, and 22 inches. Rich also took a blue

to boot. Dave Barrowclough used minnows at Massey’s Ditch to score a 19-inch


Capt. Chuck Cook of “First Light Charters” continues to put his parties

on the fish. He took Eric Taylor and Jamar Myers of Coatesville, Pa. to the

Indian River Inlet where they got their shot at bangin’ up the stripers.

Bill’s Sport Shop on RT# 1 in Lewes had some really good catch reports.

Brian Keech (16) of Rehoboth Beach was fishing the Pier when he hooked up with a 23 inch, 4.89-pound flounder while using a shad and shiner combo.Trevor Dodge from Pasadena Md. weighed in a 6.47-pound tog caught at the Inner Wall on green crabs. David Wyszynski of New Castle caught a 24.5″ 6.4 pound flounder at the CHSP Pier on Gulp!. Mike Hacker from Lewes, caught a 22.15 pound, 40.5 inch striper while surf fishing at the CHSP using fresh bunker.
Ron Ringer of Hartley, DE, brought in two stripers from CHSP with the largest one tipping the scales at 23.55 pound and 39 inches, caught on fresh bunker.
Faisal Sultani of Washington D.C. stopped in to tell us he caught a nice 35-inch striper at IRI late afternoon on a white bucktail tipped with a white worm. Ed Parseghian was waxing his boat in the Lewes Canal when he landed 2 flounder at 18 inches.

Several customers reported this morning that the striper bite has been extremely hot all week. Best time has been at the top of the flood tide (all at night) using 6″ Storm and Calcutta. Most of the fish are in the 40″ range. Another customer told us that the drum are being caught in large numbers at Broadkill Beach, in the 35 lb range. Brian Keech of Rehoboth Beach, did it again, catching his a limit of flounder up to 3.49 pounds and 21 inches caught on Gulp tipped with shad at the Cape Henlopen Pier. Mickey Bremer of Dewey, landed 2 stripers at 39 inch, 21.50 pound and 34 inch, 15.65 pounds using live surf clams at Gordon’s Pond State Park. Mike Bott caught the first flounder weighed in for our tournament @ 3.24 pounds on Gulp. Matthew Rosa of Huntingdon Valley, Pa, nailed a 28.30-pound striper drifting live eels IRI. Carlos Chavez of Millsboro De, caught a   21.25-pound striper at IRI on a Storm Lure. Daniel Rosa of Huntingdon Valley Pa, 33.25 pound caught a striper drifting live eels at IRI. Aaron Strausburgh of Milton De, weighed in a 3.18-pound Tourney Flounder on a minnow. Rich Johnson (Tarzan) of Felton De, caught a 3-pound flounder at IRI on a bucktail, white worm combo. Ryan Brower caught 7 flounder, 2 keepers to 24″ on minnows and Gulp on the Lewes Pier. Cary Rutherford of Milton, caught a 28.95-pound, 45-inch striper while drifting IRI on a Storm lure. Gus Nikolaou of Rehoboth Beach caught a 20.30#, 39.5″ striper at IRI on a bucktail. Al Boyd of Lancaster, Pa., caught 30.10 pound, 41.5-inch striper at IRI on a Calcutta Flashfoil. Brian Swope of Eugene, Or., went to IRI , and on his first cast caught his first ever striper at 38 inch, 19.9 pounds. Congrats Brian!!! Harry Lewis of Milton caught a 24.35#, 41″ striper at IRI using a Storm Lure. Dave Worrell of Long Neck, caught a 24.60-pound, 41-inch striper at IRI on a bucktail. John Phillips of Rehoboth, along with three friends, fished IRI with all limiting out on stripers. A 44+-inch rock was the largest. All were taken on white bucktails with white worms. Bill’s flounder contestant Scott Bucka checked in with a new leader flounder weighing in at  4.10 pounds, 22 ¼ inches long. Brian and Dawn Palmer from Middle River, Md. came down on vacation and half way through the week, pulled in a  35-pound drum, a keeper flounder, and a 39-inch striper.  What a vacation!!!! Jim Peel of Media, Pa, caught a 21.60-pound, 39-inch striper on bunker at Herring Point. Acracoke Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament – Congratulations toTeam DMS placing 10th out of 70 teams:  Keith Schmeirer, Bruce West , Stan Wiersbicki ,John Ringo, Martin Kris. Jim Piel.

At Capt. Mac’s on RT# 54, Bruce reported a few stripers, black drum,

and blues on the surf. Flounder fishing continues to improve in the back bays.

Bruce reported 18 bluefin tuna being taken on the troll just a few miles north

of Baltimore Canyon. A 214-½ pound mako was also taken. A thresher was

released at the Fingers.

Deanna,(Mrs. Bert), at Hookem’ and Cookem’ Bait and Tackle in North

Shore Marina verified the blitz of stripers in the Indian river Inlet. Everyone was

catching fish. Storm Lures, Tsunami Lures, bucktail and worm, live eels, live herring, and live shad all worked well. One night they reported over 200 fish

being taken from both the rails and from boats. With the reopening of the sea bass season you may want to jump onboard the Judy V or Capt. Bob for a great

fishing experience.

Joe Morris at Lewes Harbour Marina said the striper bite in Indian River Inlet last week was the best most area fishermen have seen in a long time. Schools of big, migratory post spawn bass pushed through the inlet with each flood tide and fed aggressively on shad, small trout, kingfish or whatever else happened to be in front of them. It was a bonanza for both jetty jocks and boaters. As word of the action spread, the crowds grew, and it was common to see casters lining the rocks elbow to elbow the full length of both jetties, most of them with bent rods. Upwards of a hundred boats drifted the inlet at the same time. The best catching took place at night. Although tempers flared among some anglers in the crazy scene, for the most part, fishermen who kept their cool were rewarded with rockfishing rarely seen. Gary Kaminski checked in a brace of bass weighing 32.5 and 34.1 pounds he caught with bucktails. Harry Blades and Shane Townsend had limits while drifting Storm Shads on multiple trips to the inlet. Their take included Shane’s 31 pounder and Harry’s 23.2-pound rock. Bill Lux brought in a 29.1 pounder using a bucktail tipped with herring. Dominic Coviello fooled his 28-pound striper with a white bucktail. Mason Newsham trolled a Stretch 30 plug to nail a 27.8-pound linesider. Joe Bowski bucktailed bass of 24.3 and 17.6 pounds. Jim Weber wound in a 25.5 pounder with a Storm lure. Phil Chandler had a 23 pounder, and Ricky Chorman captured a 24.5-pound rock. Brock Kauffman caught a 22.3 pounder on an eel. Drew Rose was casting a Bomber plug when he connected with a 20.3 pounder. Striped Bass also came from Delaware Bay. Timmy Barnett, Chad Tingle and Vince Lahr trolled Stretch plugs along Hen and Chickens Shoal for their limit of lunkers to 31.5 pounds. Other crews reported rock while casting Storm Shads and Bomber plugs around the Ice Breakers and Outer Wall. Joe Zaleski boated a 35-pound bass while soaking a bunker chunk on structure north of Fourteen Foot Light. Black drum continued to come from the Coral Beds and submerged pilings off Slaughter Beach. Martha Clemmer landed a 71.5-pound boomer, one of four-boated Thursday night aboard the Martha Marie. The Miss Kirstin returned with five drum Friday evening. Grizzly’s guys got six on Saturday night. Paul Grim decked a 68 pounder aboard the Indian. Jake McNitt managed a 66.9 pounder on the Pirate King II. John Mancuso muscled in a 61.1-pound drum. Many drum have been pulled from the surf at Broadkill Beach. Clam or peeler crab on a short leadered fishfinder rig produced plenty of puppies from 10 to 25 pounds at the end of ebb tide and beginning of the flood. The Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament was a great success. Over 300 anglers participated in the event, and many flatties were caught. Frank Zeccola was the big winner with a 7.25-pound doormat. Nikki Rice nailed Second with her 4.35 pounder. A 4.32 by John Mitchell took Third. Ron Webster wound in the Fourth Place 4.31 pounder. Ed Bush boated a 4.17 for Fifth. Bobby Smith scored Sixth with his 4.11, and Tom Hudson had Seventh with a 4.04-pound fluke. In addition to cash prizes awarded to the top finishers, more than $1,500 was raised for Camp Awareness Youth Programs. Joe and Amanda and the Dewey Beach Lions Club extend thanks to all who took part in the Tourney. Brian Clark captured a 5.94-pound flatfish in the Canal, but unfortunately it happened the day before the Tournament. Flounder fishing was good at night for fluke sharpies working the Cape Henlopen pier with small jigs tipped with shiners or herring. Waders inside the Cape also hooked flounder. Frank and Sue Gaworski had three keeper flounder and released several others, along with some nice weakfish and puppy drum while casting Bass Assassins around the old Broadkill jetty. Small blues were caught on the Pier, as well as in Roosevelt and Indian River Inlets. Wes Olson reported he encountered plenty of slammer bluefish while trying for sharks at the Hambone Saturday. There was much excitement over the opening of sea bass season Sunday, and boaters had very good catches at Reef Site 11.

‘Til next week, have FUN and be SAFE!!!!!

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